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USS Tullibee (SS-284)


The following men were lost while serving on USS Tullibee (SS-284). 

Click on a man's name to go to his personal memorial page on this site.  Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in the column at right.

For a brief history of the boat, please see The Loss of USS Tullibee.

  Name Photo

Paul Ray Abnet

2 William Robert Anderson  Yes
3 Don Trenton Arnold  Yes
4 John Barcoozy, Jr.  Yes
5 Russell Edward Beehler  Yes
6 John Earl Betsill  Yes
7 Lionel Phillip Blanchard  Yes
8 Charles Frederic Brindupke  Yes
9 Melvin Louis Britt  Yes
10 Albert Fremont Brocklesby  Yes
11 John Chris Brown  Yes
12 Nugent Anthony Burasco  Yes
13 David Butler  Yes
14 Frank Ciraldo  Yes
15 Joseph Peter Clay  Yes
16 George Kenneth Clifford  Yes
17 Lomon Bruce Crane  Yes
18 Russell Harrison Crossman, Jr.  Yes
19 Hugh Waldo Deetz  Yes
20 Charles Herman Degenhardt  Yes
21 Thomas Morris Delaney  Yes
22 Clifford Douglas  Yes
23 Greer Assheton Duncan, Jr.  Yes
24 Edward Howard Dzik  Yes
25 LeRoy Ellis  Yes
26 William Arthur Evans  Yes
27 Edward Michel Farley, Jr.  Yes
28 William John Frank  Yes
29 Clarence Silas Gage  Yes
30 Donald Adair Graham  Yes
31 Raymond Alfred Grenier  Yes
32 John Neil Grosz  Yes
33 Marvin John Hall  Yes
34 Charles Newton Heath, Jr.  Yes
35 Francis Milton Henkel  Yes
36 Carl James Hicks  Yes
37 Louis Joseph Hieronimus  Yes
38 William Edward Hoefler  Yes
39 Henry Taylor Irwin, Jr.  Yes
40 Wilmot Burgess Joder  Yes
41 Henry Francis Keating  Yes
42 Theodore McCoy Keener, Jr.  Yes
43 Lawrence Elmer Kidwell*  Yes
44 Frederick Herman Kisman  Yes
45 Clayton Lloyd Landon  Yes
46 Frank Lindsay  Yes
47 Carl Marvin Lovett  Yes
48 Donald Raymond Mann  Yes
49 Ramsey Farley McConnell  Yes
50 Warren Glenn McDonald  Yes
51 Melvin LeRoy McFadden  Yes
52 John Joseph Moffitt  Yes
53 Charles Joseph Muoio  Yes
54 Eugene Ross Nicholas  Yes
55 Allen Walter Nopper  Yes
56 Clifton Eugene Pattee  Yes
57 Matthew Stanley Pawlik  Needed
58 Richard Hermal Petersen  Yes
59 Fred B. Reger  Needed
60 Carl Rehn  Yes
61 Robert Hamlin Roby  Yes
62 Powell Tilman Saterfield  Yes
63 Walter Leonard Schoenrock  Yes
64 Howard Donald Seibert  Yes
65 Albert Frances Smith  Yes
66 Kirk Comstock Stearns  Yes
67 Howard Lee Strachan  Yes
68 Hugh Edwin Sullivan  Needed
69 Arthur Alexander Symkiewicz  Yes
70 Henry Lafayette Thacker  Yes
71 George Oran Ticknor  Yes
72 Stanley Trytko  Needed
73 Paul Roland Vigeant  Yes
74 John Jay Wagner  Yes
75 George Clemont Wallis  Yes
76 Ripley Washington, Jr.  Needed
77 Robert Joseph Wendt  Yes
78 David Spencer Wilson  Yes
79 Harold Judson Wiser  Needed
80 John Kenneth Wood  Yes

*Lawrence Elmer Kidwell died from injuries sustained in the line of duty in a non-sinking incident.

USS Tullibee crew member Clifford Weldon Kuykendall survived the sinking and Prisoner of War camp. He joined his shipmates on Eternal Patrol on February 26, 2016.


How to Submit Photos and Information

The U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II assigned USS Tullibee (SS-284)

to the State of Mississippi.

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